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Dr David N. Wright DMD FIDC, dentist, was intrigued with the potential of the Cold Sore Inhibitor. Prior to inventing the Cold Sore Inhibitor, Chester required “tenting” during dental care due to pervasive cold sores.

Dr Wright was quick to notice, No more cold sores!

His dental assistants, who suffered with cold sores, are now avid proponents of the Cold Sore Inhibitor and recommend it to patients. Dr Wright reports: “After a year’s use you could not pry the Cold Sore Inhibitor from them! It has been so successful eliminating cold sores.”

Dr Bruce N. Hathaway MD, graduated from University of Utah medical school. For almost 20 years, and as a professor, he worked extensively with over 2000 early AIDS patients. many who also acquired various Herpes simplex type viruses.

In 2001 he relocated, to practice infectious diseases. Chester Heath, his patient, introduced the Viral Inhibitor Pro to him.

Dr Hathaway said: "I have no hesitation using it. The Viral Inhibitor Pro doesn’t have any known side effects. It helps control pain and prevents lesions. Apply the Viral Inhibitor Pro as prescribed. It is completely safe. You actually see viral lesions disappear. It is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!"

Dr Melissa Allen Heath PHD, Associate Professor and Licensed Psychologist, knows first hand the pain and embarrassment of cold sores and shingles.

Dr Heath reports, "The effects of herpes attacks go beyond physical pain."

"Emotional discomfort is also a major factor. The Viral Inhibitor is a significant solution for both aspects."

Enclosed not sealed, don't expose Viral Inhibitor to liquids. Prevent contagious viral transfer. Cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing may not eliminate viruses from surfaces. Don't share, each needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor!

Manufacturer warrants Viral Inhibitor applies less than 10 volts across and less than 10 milliamps between probes and makes no claims for efficacy in use, nor supports views expressed on this website nor in other promotions.     12Nov08 6am

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